Anik- Soldier [sanskirt]

Dev- Hindu God [sanskirt]

Vin- Conquer [latin]
Also, Baldev Vinod is a really cool guy I know. My Dad... 


Chief designer and founder Anika Saggar is a Fashion Design Menswear graduate of London College of Fashion. She has over 10 years experience across all avenues of the fashion industry, having travelled far and wide, Anika has snatched inspiration from all over the globe – most notably Liverpool, London, Beijing and Shanghai where she was based for 6 years working as a Menswear Designer, Online Visual Merchandiser and Stylist. 


From manufacturing the pocket square to the bright orange box it arrives in, to the tissue paper that’s wrapped around it, to the postcard that guides you on how to style your square and the label that seals it all together, ADV looks no further than beautiful Britain for all of its suppliers.
We are proud to call Anik De Vin a British brand. 
At Anik De Vin, quality is paramount. All products are 100% silk and finished to perfection.
Anik De Vin designs are like no other. We don’t follow trends, we make them. Individuality is the cornerstone of our design approach and we make small batches to ensure the ADV man always stands out from the crowd.


Enjoy the Anik De Vin journey through creativity and modernity.